PKR Poker – Unique Qualities

PKR Poker is unlike any other online poker room located on the Internet. The technologies are much like that of contemporary cellular phones versus conventional land-lines. Obviously the cell phone has a huge array of options you wont find at a telephone attached to your kitchen wall. They allow you to talk with close friends and save messages, but will your landline shoot images and play with video games? Improbable.

3D Virtual Reality

In this same manner, PKR Poker simply does not compare typical internet poker rooms. The first and foremost gap has to function as the 3D virtual reality capacities of PKR Poker. While 3D VR communities is found all over the poker online , to get one in an online poker room is a rare occurrence.

Members of PKR find themselves at a digital universe complete with scenic views and realistic avatars. The avatars are highly customizable to create a personal touch to the ball player’s experience. From thin to heavy, dark to light peeled, each feature might be shifted to the gamer’s preference. PKR members can make an avatar in the likeness of themselves, or develop a comprehensive alterego.

Realistic Avatars & Personalities

Avatar characteristics are customizable as well. Human body language and personality play a huge role in the real world of poker. PKR has integrated this feature, allowing avatars to react to situations in only about any sort with the use of an E Mote Control System. Press a key and also the avatar will smile mischievously – press a different key and the avatar will exhibit nervous behaviour – press on still another key between hands and the avatar will perform chip tricks to intimidate their enemies. In addition to those E-Mote activities, there are 5 basic moods that may be set throughout play – Casual, Neutral, Happy, Angry and Sad. Every one of these distinctive features bring an increased sense of realism to the table.

PKR Camera Angles

Yet another intriguing quality that can help bring PKR Poker to life would be the camera options. Players can see the game from different angles, similar to you’d watch on a poker match. Camera views comprise Overview, an aerial perspective of this poker dining table – Dynamic perspective, a television style view of the table, providing various camera angles to stick to the action – First Person View, allowing you to see the action from your perspective, like in actual life – Orbit View, where the camera hovers about, drifting across the desk and will be controlled with the player using their mouse – North, South, East, West Views, offering directly on views from every corner of the poker table.

PKR Game Speed

You would expect this type of network, with a radically realistic 3D atmosphere, to slowdown your personal computer, freeze often, and essentially be fun only on probably the expensive, uptodate computers. Surprisingly , this isn’t true with PKR Poker. The software platform employed to conduct exactly the PKR 3 d poker room has been excellently designed such a fashion that any computer developed in the past four to five years ought to be well designed to run the app without difficulty.

There are only two conditions that can hold users straight back from conducting the PKR Poker applications platform. An broadband connection and Microsoft Windows operating system. Any slower connection compared to broadband won’t likely run the applications smoothly. PKR Poker is now only compatible with Windows 2000 and later variants, though according to the internet site, they are trying to release a Mac version as soon as possible.

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The minimum system requirements for successfully conducting the PKR platform are:

Processor 1Ghz Pentium (or equivalent)


600MB Hard Drive distance

32MB Graphics Cards using DirectX 9.0c harmonious drivers

Any Soundcard

Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista Os

Broadband Internet Connection

Internet Explorer 6 (or higher) using DirectX 9.0c

The recommended system requirements for running the PKR Poker stage, that will run the software together with the greater ease, are:

Processor 2Ghz Pentium


128MB Graphics Cards using Direct X 9.0c compatible drivers

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